Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Prices
Little Brown Doggie
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Little Brown Doggie

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Prices

Little Brown Doggie

"Doggie" Discount!

Little Brown Doggie offer a discount "Doggie" Pet Sitting rate for those living in West Cornforth and Coxhoe only.

Below is a table of my general prices for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, which includes my "Doggie" Discount rate for Pet Sitting in West Cornforth and Coxhoe.
You can use these prices as a guide even if you have different, or very specific requirements.

My Pet Sitting / House Sitting prices are based on whatever I can get done within a 25 minute visit.
Please refer to my Pet Sitting page for more examples of things that can be included with my Pet Sitting / House Sitting Service.
Please get in touch via the contact form with any questions you might have.

Pet Services Monday - Friday     Weekends    
Dog Walking - 45 Minutes 8 10
Additional dog from same household 4 6
Pet Sitting Home Visit - 25 Minutes 8 10
Two same day visits 15 19
Pet Sitting Home Visit - 25 Minutes - West Cornforth / Coxhoe only    6 8
Two same day visits - West Cornforth / Coxhoe only 10 14

Please Note: Bookings made for the following dates are charged at time and a half;

  • 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st of December
  • 1st January and Easter Sunday

At Little Brown Doggie, Pet Sitting visits usually last 25 minutes, and include feeding and general care of pets. This is enough time to get the basics done, but is also long enough to spend a bit of time giving them the fuss and attention that they need. They can get some fresh air in the garden, or go for a quick walk around the block if appropriate.

My Pet Sitting Services are very flexible, and anything that you request can usually be accommodated so long as it is within our agreed time limit for the visit - feeding your fish or your hamster for example, can be included at no extra charge!

A visit can include the feeding and care of up to two dogs from the same household, or up to three cats - this often works out to be a better option than paying per pet at kennels and catteries.

I do not recommend leaving dogs alone in a house for longer than six hours at a time and would advise a minimum of two visits per day for doggie petsitting customers, plus a midday walk.

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