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The Little Brown Doggie Website is currently being updated.    3/04/14

Many apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
For Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Enquiries in the County Durham area, contact Carla on 07736848228
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Ruby in the wheat field

Ruby in the wheat field – Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Little Brown Doggie, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services for the South Durham area

Little Brown Doggie offers a friendly and reliable Dog Walker & Pet Sitting Service for Dogs, Cats and other Pets whose owners are living locally to the South Durham area. With Little Brown Doggie Pet Sitting, there’s no need for your pets to leave their home while you are away. Instead, I visit them in the comfort of their home surroundings to feed and care for them. However much we love our pets, our circumstances can sometimes get in the way of giving them what they need. Whether it’s work, family commitments, health or simply the need to take a break, in situations like these, pet owners will want to turn to someone trustworthy to take good care of their pet. All my services, whether Dog Walking, Pet Sitting or House Sitting, can be tailored to suit you and your pets individual circumstances.